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Here’s some suggested reading that just may inspire your next adventure!  We find many travelers enjoy the convenience of e-books and magazines on a tablet.  Enjoy!

Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die

Sailing experts share the world’s greatest destinations in Chris Santella’s third installment of his immensely successful collection of fifty places you must see! He’s assembled a crew of the world’s greatest championship racers and professional adventurers and persuaded them to reveal their favorite destinations. They range from the clubby east coast ports to idyllic tropical refuges, not to mention some of the most hair-raisingly treacherous waters on earth.

Coastlines around the world, accompanied by tantalizing photos and an interesting story for each, provided by the seaworthy captains who frequent them.

British Virgin Islands Sailing Tour: A Pictorial Sailing Travelogue

Anyone interested in Caribbean lore, independent sailing, or adventure travel will love this visual travel tour. The British Virgin Islands is a sailor’s paradise with those consistently steady trade winds. You’ll voyage from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke and then on to Anegada; the only all coral atoll in the BVIs. Ahead in the Sir Francis Drake channel you’ll encounter Normal Island; said to be the inspiration for the classic pirate tale “Treasure Island”.

The author, Brad Olsen is a contributing editor for World Explorer magazine and his commentaries have appeared on NPR, CNN, and the travel channel. Brad’s Visual Travel Tours include many other fascinating places like Brunei, Fiji, Moravia, Portugal, New York and San Francisco.

Sailing in Paradise: Yacht Charters Around the World

This comprehensive guide to the world of chartering, compiled by Rod Heikell, shares his knowledge and experience in recommending types of charter and extensive information about the world’s best cruising areas. Before setting sail, you’ll learn where visas are required, about healthcare abroad, exchanging money and what to expect from foreign harbors and anchorages. It’s a country by country round up of charter areas around the world and the best times to go, including maps and photos.

Sailing In Paradise is a must-have reference for charterers and a mouth watering appetizer for future trips.

Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home

Greg Granger took his wife and three kids on a sailing adventure that was more about relationships than merely travel and culture. While visiting thirty-eight countries in their four in half years, learning to sail was the least of the obstacles they faced as they discovered as much about themselves as the natural wonders they witnessed.

Sailing Faith: The Long Way Home is an award winning true story reviewers have called an inspiring global adventure.

Quest and Crew: A True Sailing Adventure

Ever dreamed of sailing away and leaving it all behind? “Quest and Crew” is the first in a four book series about the many twists and turns life can take. The sailboat Quest gained a new lease on life with a complete retrofit in the backwoods of North Carolina. It’s a story about the joy of successful cruising and what it takes to overcome the occasional disaster.

From beginning to end, you’ll witness the transforming of a rookie crew and a beautiful old boat into a sailing adventure.

How to Sail a Boat: Sailing & Yachting 101 Basics for Beginners

Many agree sailing is the best way to enjoy the outdoors and learn some new skills. For beginners, it’s important to arm yourself with the right knowledge and tools to be able to enjoy this sport and steer clear of danger.

Spend all day on line hunting down lots of reference material, or simply grab a copy of “How to Sail a Boat” and have it all in one book! Sailing is much more enjoyable with the right skills and gear. So get out there and cruise.

Sailing To Jessica

(Semifinalist in Kindle’s Best Indie Books Awards 2013)

At 35, Kelly and Paul Watts quit their jobs and sold their home to sail around the world; without any sailing experience. Join them as they survive gale force winds off Cape Fear, discover playful sea lions of the Galapagos, the seductive dance of the Polynesian girls and the primitive beat of Tuvaluan music, all while learning to sail and repair their 42 foot sloop. They narrowly escape a shark attack in Suwarrow, fled from pirates off the coast of Ecuador, and the fear of all sailors; an encounter with a submerged container near Midway.

“Sailing to Jessica” will inspire anyone looking for meaning in their life to go out and find it.

Island Explorer: An Indonesian Travelogue

“Wanted: Six guys with guts!” An obscure advertisement in a surf magazine triggers a journey through Sumatra’s jungles, volcanoes and chaotic roads to the fabled Mentawai Islands and a traditional Indonesian sailing ship “The Island Explorer”.

Join the quest to find pristine islands, untouched coral beaches, and flawless surf. Sail through equatorial Indonesia’s sparkling seas.