Paparoa National Park

PancakeRocksSome of us love to rock our breakfast with a big stack of pancakes. Just off the coast of New Zealand’s South Island, where limestone gathered on the ocean floor, rock outcroppings began to form through erosion and became known as “Pancake Rocks” on the western edge of Paparoa National Park. You’ll also be amazed by the high coastal cliffs, impressive river canyons, and delicate cave formations.

This is the only known place in the world where The Westland petrel (a burrowing seabird) lives.  The birds live mostly out at sea, but during the breeding season you can see them flying to and from the colony at dusk and dawn.

The nocturnal and secretive great spotted kiwi/roroa is not often seen, but listen for a loud snuffling or a harsh whistling cry and you’ll know one is close by. kiwi

Antigua Yacht Racing

Amidst the Leeward Islands, Christopher Columbus found Antiqua in 1493. In Chris Santella’s book “Fifty Places to Sail Before You Die”, famed yachtsman Mike Sanderson relates some memories during Antigua Race Week (late April each year). What began in 1967 with ten wooden boats has become one of the world’s best known regattas.  And we’re guessing this event has made Dickenson Bay and Falmouth Harbor favorite destinations for many. Fair weather awaits you except in the fall. If you love to visit that part of the ocean, pass along your recommendations.

Mont St. Michel


Mont St. Michel is a tidal island. When the tide comes in it is surrounded by water, when the tide recedes it is surrounded by land. The island is located off the coast of Normandy, France. On the island is a Gothic Abbey that housed prisoners during the French Revolution.

The Avalon Peninsula

According to, the Avalon Peninsula is home to brightly painted fishing villages and to the lively city of St. John’s. At this easternmost point of North America, tourism has helped residents of this blustery realm weather the economic storm that came in the wake of the Atlantic cod fisheries’ late 20th-century collapse.

It’s The Water

Of course you like being in or near the water. And we invite you to vote for your favorite coastline spot, or resort. And speaking of water, here’s a bit of aquatic trivia. Can you name the massive waterfall that crosses the borders of three countries in south America?